Quick Filter & Facets Search

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General Information

Under the "Filter" button you will find three options: quick filters, filters for specific markets and the most recently searched directories.

Quick Filter

The catalogs can be selected immediately using the quick filters. Depending on the selection, catalogs of the appropriate type or the desired market are then displayed.

Quick Filter Options

➔ Filter search across all catalogs* 

➔ Available in all formats

➔ BIM enhanced

➔ Electrical enhanced 

➔ Piping enhanced 

➔ Simulation enhanced 

➔ TGA-VDI enhanced 

*(When selecting "Filter search across all catalogs", the results are completely unspecific during the first load, but depend on the setting under $CADENAS_SETUP/partsol.cfg > FULLTEXTSEARCH > SimilarityFactor. The standard catalog is prioritized by default.)

Market Filter Options

  AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction)

  BIM architecture

  Electrical design (Cabinet/ Mechatronics)

  Electronics (PCB)

  BIM factory planning

  BIM Interior Design & Furniture

  BIM infrastructure

Mechanical design



  Plant design

  Machining tools

Facets Search

Further selection using the facet filter is possible as soon as the first search run has been started. There are some useful filters that can be used to further restrict the search result.

The display reacts dynamically to the search selection made. As soon as the check mark is placed in one of the selection boxes, the products displayed change. This also works backwards by removing the check mark or canceling the selection by pressing the x in the flag above.

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